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How to start beekeeping!

How do I start beekeeping?

A good starting point for anyone who is interested in becoming a beekeeper is to come along to our monthly meetings (see the events page) to start to absorb some beekeeping information. Its also a brilliant way to start to make links with other beekeepers. It's a friendly atmosphere at Gonerby Social Club, there's a bar for refreshments, a raffle and a range of interesting speakers. All are welcome! Before you have your own bees, you can join Grantham District Beekeepers Association, a district of Lincolnshire BKA, as an Associate member for the bargain price of £5 a year. Contact me on to be put in touch with the membership secretary.


There are lots of books to help start you on your way too. Check out the library until you find one that feels on the right wave length for you. Every writer has their own style but none has all the answers! (And actually I'm pretty certain the bees have their own libraries, they certainly aren't always predictable and seem to be working from a completely different manual of their own at times.)


Throughout the spring and summer, weather dependent, we hold regular meetings at members' apiaries where you can actually get to look inside a hive and help with an inspection. We have bee suits in a range of sizes so can kit you up. All you need to bring is a clean pair of wellies and a new pair of household gloves like Marigolds. These are perfect for keeping the bees off your hands without losing dexterity. Knowledge is always important but so are experience and confidence. Coming along to these open apiaries is a good way to gain both and is also another opportunity to make links with other beekeepers. There's usually tea and cakes too.


Beekeeping isn't for every one. We have very occasionally had people run away or faint when faced with an open hive and several thousand friendly, interested bees flying around their heads. That's why we recommend that you don't invest in any equipment until you've done some hands-on work with bees. Happily most of you will take a deep breath of the fresh citrussy aroma from a healthy hive and be smitten.


Our Beginners' course in 2024 will run for 5 sessions on Tuesday evenings and is a combination of theory and practice. We will kit you up in bee suits for the practical sessions, all you will need is a pair of Marigold type gloves and a pair of clean wellies. The dates are April 9th, 16th, 23rs & 30th and May 7th plus two practical sessions, dates to be fixed. The cost, to include a year's Associated membership of Grantham BKA is £90. Drop me an email to or call 07860 692529 for further details and an application form.


Once you feel confident enough and ready to take the next step, we can provide guidance about buying your own equipment and sourcing bees. The Beginners' course provides a starting point for your beekeeping education, which we hope to continue by running follow on courses to help you take the range of assessments and modules available through BBKA.

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