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Asian Hornets

What are Asian Hornets?

Asian Hornets are an incredibly destructive invasive species, and specialise in preying on honey bee hives. The hornets ‘hawk’ the front of target bee hives, killing honey bees and feeding them to their young. One Asian Hornet alone can kill 60-90 honey bees per day, and dozens of them will ‘hawk’ a hive simultaneously decimating the bees, meaning it can be destroyed or irreparably weakened to the extent it can’t survive.

Why are they bad?

Asian Hornets are also a threat to people, as their sting is very powerful so it could put an adult in hospital. Multiple stings from the Hornets have caused fatalities in Europe where they are now endemic.

How you can help

If you think you you've seen a nest, take a photo then report it. 

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