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Grantham District Beekeepers

Grantham District Beekeepers is a district of the Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association. 

We're a friendly group, and we're here to provide information and help to anyone in the local area who is interested in bees and honey - whether you're a beekeeper or not. 

Discover our latest programme of events, check out our social media channels, and read our latest updates. 


Discover bees and beekeeping

We're here to help anyone who is interested in bees, honey, or beekeeping. 

Beginners course

We run regular beginner beekeeping courses to give you the skills to get set up on your own. 

Programme of Events

We're passionate about bees and honey. We run a regular program of events and meetings for both members and non-members

Swarm recovery

If you've found a swarm, don't panic! We can help you to remove it safely. 


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